I Didn’t Get Here On My Own . . .

April 1, 2024

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

-Jean-Baptiste Massieu.

One reflection frequently entering my mind as a result of establishing my own firm is the importance of all the people who helped me to arrive where I am now in life. They deserve far more than recognition on a website, but for today, that’s all I can do.

For their guidance, mentoring, tolerance, and love, I am forever grateful:

To Mom

For being so doting.

To Dad

For being so demanding.

To the incomparable educators:

The late Barbara Shaw, for instilling the joy of learning,

Fran Martinez, for turning the sparks she saw within me into flames, and

The late Professor Paul Haskell, for exemplifying ethical and persistent precision in assisting those one serves.

To the legal mentors:

To Dan Taylor, Gray Wilson, and the late Bill Maready

Because every day was a master class.

To Andrew and Will

For mustering patience for years as their Dad served the billable-hour gods.

To my daughters-in-law, Casey and Ally

For ensuring that my sons didn’t move back home.

and . . . 

To Liz

For whom there just aren’t enough words.