Shared Efficiencies for the Benefit of Clients

As a business grows, economies of scale should result because overhead costs are spread more broadly. Thus, prices charged can drop without harm to company revenue.

But this often isn’t true with law firms: A lateral group is acquired in a new city, and the firm decides they need higher-end space—and firms usually expand to more expensive markets. Or a small firm may have modest real estate and a handful of staff, but as it grows, money is spent on in-house IT staff, two-story lobbies, and before you know it, after-work lounges.

Stafford PLLC operates on a different model:

  • Partner-Quality Contracted Expertise. Many firms use contract attorneys with little practice experience. Mark Stafford has cultivated a network of high-caliber, seasoned attorneys in multiple practice areas who stand ready to handle a variety of specific client needs.  Many are Mark’s former law partners or others who also left the churn of large law firms.
  • Top Talent “Left Behind.” The flexibility and family-friendly policies of large law firms are often in direct conflict to what is expected of lawyers to rise to the top of the pyramid: daunting billable hour requirements, challenging collections mandates, and 24/7 availability. Talent simply leaves. Often even the very best. Parents whose children are now older or senior lawyers looking for part-time service, stand ready to practice their art.  Our goal is to utilize this talent on a platform that works for all parties involved.
  • Familiar Local Counsel.  After practicing in 40 metro areas in 20 states Mark Stafford co-counsels with the best, not simply local “signing” attorneys, but attorneys who are of world-class quality.
  • Fostering Stability. Our model avoids the increasing turnover and departure rate of attorneys of large firms: The musical chairs of “Big Law” may never end, but more than 30 years of personal professional relationships never goes away.
  • Centralized, Lower-Cost Locale.  Finally, we are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Consistent with our lower-cost model, the cost of living, office space, and support staff is nearly half that of the state’s larger cities of Charlotte and Raleigh. Yet we are less than 100 miles from each, with direct access to courthouses from the mountains to the coast.