National Connections To Assist Clients

Most solo attorney practices are restrictively local. In contrast, Mark Stafford’s 34 years in litigation departments of multi-state firms provided a practice that was most distinctively broad through collaboration with his partners in multiple jurisdictions. Nearly just as often, he worked with attorneys in other law firms, building relationships with “local counsel” across the country. In fact, Mark has represented clients in 40 metro areas in 20 states and Washington, DC. In addition, he has worked closely with many attorneys from other states, serving their clients in North Carolina.

These relationships remain strong.

Consequently, rather than relying on attorneys within a large multi-office firm, which increases the cost of doing business and makes disqualifying conflicts of interest commonplace, Mark uses his deep-rooted network of colleagues in other states to provide client service across the country. With these connections, Mark can tailor the talent enlisted to the needs of the client in each particular case.

Areas of the U.S. where Mark Stafford has represented clients

Mark Stafford has appeared for clients in courts covering more than 90% of North Carolina’s population

Selected courts and tribunals where Mark has appeared